Diamond Grinding Bits and Core Drills

All Gryphon grinders accept any of our bits. Even the small Gryphette has enough power for a 1” bit. Additionally, our bits fit all other brands of grinders.

We sincerely believe that the Gryphon bits are the best value on the market. They are long lasting quality bits that will serve you well.

The choice of which bit to buy is determined by the job. As an example, the smaller diameter bits can get into smaller inside curves. The larger diameter bits have more diamonds, and therefore last longer, but are more limited in the shapes that they can handle.

The coarser grits (a smaller grit number indicates coarser diamonds) removes material faster as it grinds but leaves a rougher edge. The smoother bits (higher grit number) leave a finer edge but take longer to remove the same amount of material. Generally the “Standard” grit bits are the best all around choice, but many people will have a small assortment of different bits so that they can change to the bit that is best for the job at hand.

Our Slip-On bits fit all grinders and are a good choice for someone who changes bits frequently as they are the easiest to change. You can change from 1” to 3/4” in just a few seconds and without tools.

The bit that comes with each of our grinders is a “standard” grit bit. The grit is a measure of the size of the diamond particles used on the bit, with the largest grit (smallest number) the most aggressive. The Standard bit is probably the most useful and popular since it is fast, but leaves a fairly nice edge. If you would like a smoother edge, you can use a Fine bit or an Extra Fine bit. These bits are slower, but leave a nicer edge. The Extra Fine bits leave a frosty edge that is very finished looking, but you would need to get the piece to the proper shape first using a more aggressive bit because the Extra Fine is slow at removing material.

We call our bits:

Super Power - 80 grit - most aggressive
Standard -120 grit - Average
Fine -220 grit - nice edge
Fire Polish -600 grit - Very fine edge

Cylindrical Grinding Bits

We offer these bits in 3/4" and 1" diameter. Any of these bits work great on all Gryphon grinders. For other brands of grinders it is best not to use a larger bit than the one that came with the grinder since some small grinders do not have the power to handle a 1" bit.

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Grinding Pins

Grinding pins are very useful for getting into narrow areas of your work. We offer them in diameters of 1/4" and 1/8".

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Specialty Bits

We offer an assortment of bits designed for special application.

Bead Reamer - Smooths out the hole in a bead to facilitate stringing.

Ripple or Mirror Bit - Smooths two sides of a piece at the same time to create an attractive tapered edge.

Grove Grinder - Typically used to put a grove in the edge of a piece of glass or stone to hold a wire.

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Slip-On Bits

The Slip-On bits require no tools to install or remove. They simply drop into place. When you wish to remove them, they just lift right off. No other bit system is as easy to use.

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Core Drills

If you need to drill a hole in a piece of glass or stone, the core drill is the easiest way to do it. Generally, the core drill is used in a drill press, but they can be used with a hand drill if necessary. It is important to keep the drill wet while using it.

The examples shown are the circular pieces removed from a fused glass sheet.
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