Diamond Wire Saws

Gryphon offers two distinct styles of Wire saws

Zephyr Diamond Ring Saw
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Extra Blade and Maintenance Kit included

The Gryphon Zephyr Diamond Ring Saw offers advantages not found in other glass saws.

The round blade can cut in any direction, and operation is very smooth and quiet. The Zephyr saw has a large work surface that is free of obstructions. The overhead blade support is slender, allowing the artist to have a very clear view of the material as it is cut. In addition, the Zephyr has a deeper throat and more clearance for the glass than other consumer glass saws.
Special attention has been given to designing the saw for quiet operation and for low maintenance. The critical moving parts are shielded to minimize the abuse from the glass dust that is generated when cutting. The highest quality bearings and wheels are used to extend the life of these critical parts.
The motor/blade assembly is a separate unit that can be removed from the base and used as a hand-held saw. This is useful for cutting items that cannot easily be brought to the table. A small water reservoir is built into the blade assembly housing and will hold enough water for a few minutes of hand-held cutting. When the saw is used in the normal configuration (installed in the base), the base will hold enough water for several hours of cutting.

The Gryphon Zephyr will cut glass, tile, rock and all other similar hard materials. A choice of blades is offered so that you can select the blade that is best suited to your current application. We even offer a Separating Blade that will allow you to make inside cuts without requiring a lead-in slot.

The Zephyr + Ring Saw now includes a second blade and a set of guide wheel replacement rubber inserts.

  • MUCH quieter operation
  • 20% deeper throat (6 5/8” vs. 5 1/2”)
  • 2x height clearance (1 1/2” vs. 3/4”)
  • Longer lasting bearings and wheels
  • When used as hand held, not necessary to attach separate housing cover
  • Convenient finger grip for hand held operation
  • Available with a 115 volt motor or a 230 volt motor for use in other countries
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Omni-2 Plus+ Diamond Wire Saw
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The new Omni-2 Plus+ provides a performance upgrade for the popular Omni series of diamond wire saws. The new saw offers faster cutting and longer blade life compared to the older Omni-2.

The Omni-2 Plus+ retains the popular features of the Omni-2 such as being able to cut in any direction, the built-in water pump, and near-maintenance-free operation.
As an added bonus, the Omni-2 Plus+ is shipped with a complement of six diamond blades, an extra set of blade guides and a spare chuck. It is unlikely that the operator of the Omni-2 Plus+ will need any additional parts or supplies for a very long time.
The Gryphon Omni saws use a very strong round steel wire blade that is coated all around with diamonds. The simple mechanism in the saw propels the blade up and down rapidly, enabling the operator to swiftly cut glass or other hard material. The simple design eliminates problems encountered in some other brands of saws that cause lost time, added maintenance expense and frustration.
The new Omni-2 Plus+ offers the best value today in glass cutting saws. You get a great saw for a low cost that now features much faster cutting, longer lasting blades, no expensive repair cost, requires very little maintenance, and comes with 6 blades and all the extra accessories anyone would need.

  • Round Diamond Blade cuts in any direction
  • Simple construction with few moving parts for reliability
  • Powerful Motor cuts glass and other hard materials more quickly than before
  • Built-in automatic pump eliminates need for fresh water reservoir and used water container.
  • Direct drive - no belts or pulleys
  • Powerful motor located on top, away from the water
  • One square foot of unobstructed work surface
  • Uses very inexpensive Diamond Blades in your choice of 3 grits
  • Built to provide reliable service with a minimum of maintenence
  • Five-year limited warranty (excludes standard wear parts).
  • Small built-in spot light shines directly on your work, eliminating shadows
  • Made in USA