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Diamond Band Saws
The Gryphon Diamond Band Saw is the industry's most popular diamond band saw and is available in four distinct versions.

The thin band has diamonds coated to the leading edge, which enables the saw to make fast, very thin and precise cuts in material.

This versatile saw is used extensively for cutting glass, stone, tile and similar hard material.

It is used by hobbyists, professional artists, medical labs, construction workers, and fraggers among others.

A special version of the saw has been developed for cutting live coral, where salt water must be used for cooling.

The saw is also available with extended height for additional clearance.
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Diamond Wire Saws
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A wire saw offers the ability to cut in any direction by virtue of its round blade with diamonds coating the entire surface.

Gryphon offers two distinctly different styles of wire saw.

•The Zephyr Ring Saw uses a circular blade, something like a small diamond-coated Hula-Hoop, which revolves continuously.

•The Omni-2 Wire Saw uses a very inexpensive straight blade that moves up and down rapidly.

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Diamond Grinders
Gryphon offers three distinctly different styles of grinders. Our most popular model is the simple and very affordable Gryphette. It features a powerful motor that can handle any job in your studio. Its small size is also a welcome feature.

Our middle model, the Studio Grinder has a larger motor and an innovative water delivery system.

Our Convertible Grinder, shown at the right, can be configured with a horizontal work surface like other grinders, or can be assembled with the work surface tilted as shown. This allows the operator a better view of their work. The grinder can be used while seated which provides much greater comfort to the operator. An electric pump keeps the bit wet in any orientation.
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Wet Belt Sander
This Gryphon product presents an entirely new category of tool for the glass artist. With the large grinding belt, offering a huge 90 square inches of grinding surface, you can now accurately grind straight lines or true up large curved surfaces quickly and easily. A small platform helps steady your work and tilts for easy beveling. A variety of belts are available from coarse for fast grinding to ultra smooth for polishing.

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Abrasive Miter Saw
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The Gryphon Miter saw is particularly well suited for making premium cuts in thin wall extrusions of brass, zinc, steel and copper. It has a very fine abrasive blade which cuts cleanly and coolly resulting in a minimum of flash.

The saw is used largely in the stained glass (for cutting the zinc or brass came used to join separate pieces of glass) and the automotive fields (for cutting tubing of all types including braided stainless hose). Golf professionals use the saw for cutting graphite club handles. A large adjustable table provides settings for accurate angles. The chop saw design along with the built in clamp for the work and safety shield provide protection to the operator.
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Diamond Grinding Bits and Core Drills
Gryphon is proud to be able to offer a line of high quality grinding bits for all standard glass grinders.

Gryphon offers a choice of its innovative Slip-On bits, or traditional bits.

The Slip-On bits require no tools to install or remove. They simply drop into place. When you wish to remove them, they just lift right off. No other bit system is as easy to use.

A full line of standard bits is also available.
Available are 1", and 3/4" Cylindrical Bits, Mirror Grinding Bits, Groove Bits, and 1/4" and 1/8" Grinding Pins. Many of these bits are offered in a choice three or four grits: Extra Fine, Fine, Standard and Super Power.
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Accessories & Parts
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