Gryphon Glass Cutters


Gryphon now offers its own line of quality glass cutters. Click on the link below to view descriptions of the innovative pistol grip cutter or the two styles of pencil cutters.

product_pistolcutter product_pencilcutter

Studio Glass Cutter


The Gryphon pistol grip glass cutter is probably the most comfortable glass cutter on the market. The handle is contoured to fit your hand in a natural manner, and the thumb rest makes it easy and effortless to apply the right amount of pressure on the cutting wheel.

A unique inner chamber prevents the cutting fluid from leaking through the case, as often happens with other pistol grip cutters, making this cutter a pleasure to use.

Cushion Grip Glass Cutters


The Gryphon pencil grip glass cutters offer an economical choice to today's glass artists. The cutters are available with a choice of plastic or brass bodies and feature Gryphon's newly designed cutting head that gives you new flexibility in the holding angle. You can hold the cutter upright for great control while scoring curved lines, or at an oblique angle for fast straight lines. Either way, the unique head design gives you a great view of your pattern while you score.

A soft rubber grip on the base of the cutter eases the strain of long cutting sessions. The handle can be filled with cutting fluid which will be automatically metered to the head while you cut.